Todd Robertson Artist Info/Statement

Born in Michigan and raised in Connecticut, Todd has surrounded his life with art from an early age. He has taken a background in music and transcribed his creations across the media platform. He works with found objects, anything from paper to broken electronics, and different techniques employed by many street artists. Todd gains inspiration from the normality of everyday, looking for those simple connections that hold us all together. Todd Robertson lives and works in Boston, MA. My creations take shape through the influence of jazz music, my daily life and the found objects I incorporate into them. Each piece that I find comes with a past and story all of its own. These pieces are a direct reflection of the community I dilute myself in. “Keeping in touch with normality and focusing on what connects us together, I hope to inspire and provoke the human spirit”.

Todd Robertson Toys

Having a father that was an avid toy collector and hobbyist, I grew up around toys from birth. At a young age I took interest in model building, custom bikes and art. I developed various multimedia techniques on canvas, which I would later apply to sculpture and toys. Discovering the toy world combined with my love for robots helped to develop the mecha style that I use today. I approach the mecha concept as if it was a virus encapsulating each individual piece. It might be an arm, a leg or half of a face, the mecha virus can be manipulated endlessly. As of late I’ve found myself working mostly on Kaiju Toys, incorporating the Mecha Virus, airbrush paints, and pinstriping.